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Central Valley
Fiction Writers

Central Valley
Fiction Writers


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Central Valley Fiction Writers (CVFW) provides education and support for writers located in California’s Central Valley region, from Stockton to Bakersfield.

Fiction Writers
make it up as they go!
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"It's not too late to write your best story"

Bryan Hutchinson, Author of

Writer's Doubt

The month of April is National Poetry Month.

During the month of April, members share their poems here.


The Ghost Garden

by Krista Lynn


Night falls soft as wilted roses.
Touching fragrant warmth to the skin and
   Melancholy to other senses.
While a breeze whispers from four corners,
Telling lover's secrets along spindly fences.

And sheets of white cotton rustle and
Flash iridescent under the moon.
Still they smell of bright afternoon.

Amongst the shadows, a presence moves.
A haunting silver shape that weaves
Threads of moonlight through the shrubs
And turns to shimmering coins
     A thousand heart-shaped leaves.

Busy this specter – revealing memories.
The feeling, the sight, and sound.
The still resonant tone
     Of that last summer’s day slipped off alone.

Along the curve of the planet, too soon,

     it ended.
Gold to silver, light to dark.
Alone now
    In a garden by ghost
ly hands tended.    

Exciting Excerpts from Members Published Books

Excerpt from Cookies for My Orc Neighbor by Michele Mills


The big green Orc living next door to me is so very mysterious.

He works from home and rarely goes outside. And when he does go out, he never wears a shirt buttoned over his massive chest, no matter the weather. Small children and senior citizens run screaming when he stomps to his truck, so I guess I understand his reticence?

But today is Valentine’s Day and I’m worried the big guy is sad and lonely. My neighbor is more angry-looking and growly than usual, despite that darling puppy he recently adopted.

And since I happen to be alone this Valentine’s Day too, I decide to bring him a plate of my famous sugar cookies.

Everyone warns me not to disturb him because Orcs always claim their Brides in the dark of winter.

But for some reason, this doesn’t worry me at all.

                                                       Click Here for full excerpt.

Excerpt from The Long Dark Cloak, by Vicki D. Thomas

Ivan panicked as he imagined Zephyrus dying minutes before their arrival. His fingers tightened on the reins. Rivulets of sweat made their way down the sides of his face, wetting his collar, chilling his neck. After all the challenges he’d endured, risking his life and his beagles, the thought of failing now left him shaken.
  “The Dark Army is advancing,” Sebastian wailed, breaking Ivan’s tortured thoughts.

“We can’t risk losing another second.”

                                               Click Here for full excerpt.

Excerpt from One Fine Day by Carrie Padgett

Football in the South was all Friday Night Lights and The Blind Side. Sam Hardy was determined to get back into the game no matter what. If he didn’t play for the Tennessee Titans this season, he might never see the field again. He’d be sidelined. Listed as a has-been at thirty. And he wasn’t ready to be anyone’s has been.

He was a champion, and this was his year for a Super Bowl ring, and the Titans were his team.

                                               Click Here for full excerpt.

Excerpt from Haiku Dance, by Cora J. Ramos

968 A.D., early morning, Mount Takao, Japan

Under the thatch-covered bamboo porch of their simple wooden house, Shino sat next to Grandfather and watched a nightingale flit through the mist that hung over the rows of tea bushes they farmed. 

   Grandfather sighed softly and placed a hand on his shoulder. "I've made a decision. I'm sending you away."

   Shino frowned. "Away. Why?

   "At thirteen, you're entering your manhood and need discipline."

   "No," Shino whispered, his lips tightening. "I've had enough of discipline."

 Click Here for full excerpt


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~Between the Lines~

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